How to Play the Lion’s Share Slot Machine in Las Vegas

There is a great slot machine at the famous MGM Grand in Las Vegas that many love to play, it is called the Lion’s Share slot machine. Won by several, with over a hundred dollars in jackpot amounts. This machine seems to be a favorite with those who go to the casino to enjoy some entertainment and some slot machines. However, it is not very popular with many of those who work in the office that would prefer to avoid gambling altogether. Yet others find it exciting to win such large sums of money.

Lions Share slot

To play this machine, you need to know where the Lion’s Share slot is located. You need to look for the sign on the entrance which will be white with black lettering. When you see this sign at its location, walk towards the machine and approach it. When the screen shows that it is “Lion’s Share” then press the button A to start playing.

The game is controlled by two coins, one in front of the other. If you hit the A button when it appears on the screen, the coins in your two front piles will combine to increase the amount of money in your winnings. If you hit the C button when it appears on the screen then you have to stop playing and lose your accumulated winnings. Keep in mind though that hitting the wrong button will cause the machine to “payout” whatever you had won, regardless of whether it is an even or odd number. You can also use the arrow keys to move your pieces around on the slots, and shift + control + a will also make this task easier.

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