The History of the Basket Ball


The History of the Basket Ball

The basketball is still a part of the youth basketball scene in Denmark and is called Basketboll. If you are Danish, you might have heard of this term but probably still find it strange. It has come to be known as a shortened version of the Danish “Bakvellets” which is a basket weave ball used during the medieval times in that country. The name basketboll itself means “ball in a basket” in English.

The term Basketboll originated in the early 18th century from the Swedish basketball league in Denmark and the United States National Basketball League (USNBL). The Swedish championship of basketball was first joined by the USNBL in 1950. Ever since the inception of the Basket Ball League in Danish, the game has grown to become international and very popular. Currently there are teams from Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan and many other countries. However, the most well known and popular is the Danish team ALV.

One interesting fact about the Danish team ELITESERI, which is also known as the “Danish Dogs” is that they play in the European Basketball Association. They wear blue-colored jerseys because that is the color of the flag of Denmark. It should be noted that the original Danish team wears white jerseys, which was designed by an American sports apparel company.

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