Latest Transfer News Delivers Big Paydays For Premier League Players

Every week we give our thoughts on the latest transfer news as well as transfer gossip. This article will concentrate on the Premier League and transfer gossip from across the pond. The type of player that you want to buy or sell is a very important decision in determining where you go. With so many top players leaving clubs this season, most experts agree that the likelihood of them moving on is high and can be influenced by the amount of transfer rumour that is floating around at any given time. For this reason I have decided to create a weekly report detailing the latest transfer news from the UK.

With the summer window now open I have begun researching all of the different gossip that is making its way through the papers, online forums and press reports. One particular story that has come up quite a lot is that of Wayne Rooney leaving Manchester United for Chelsea. The reason I feel this is such an important move is because if Chelsea do end up buying United players then the two club’s transfer profits will be cut dramatically. Currently United generate roughly twice as much revenue from transfers as Chelsea and therefore I believe this is the biggest opportunity of the season. Personally I do not think that Chelsea are ready to compete with the larger European sides and that they will struggle to win the next few games. However, if I was to predict the next season I would have to say that I am very positive that United will continue to be in the Premier League for the foreseeable future.

Other stories include PSV Eindhoven striker Memphis Depay moves to PSV from PSV Eindhoven and Newcastle United defender Davide Santon moving from the MLS to Spurs Hotspur. These are just a couple of the stories that I have been researching and writing about and following the latest transfer news. It is interesting to see how transfer windows work in the Eindhoven/PSV region and also in North America where MLS players have been linked to a number of Asian teams including the Chineseinals and Qatar. The recent Asian transfer window has been successful in many ways and it is now time for other Premier League clubs to take advantage of the system.

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