Hot Pursuit to Return to EA Sports

EA Sports is a popular division of Electronic Arts, which produces and publishes sport games based on the names of famous professional sports teams. Once, a clever marketing stunt of Electronic Arts, where they tried to imitate live sports channels by adding in a little bit of ‘sport’ into each game, nowadays they have wisely taken it upon themselves to produce truly realistic sports video games where the players move and perform, just as if they were actually in the game. They have created several hit games with well known and famous teams like FIFA, Madden NFL, and NCAA football. However, EA now has also dabbled in other genres of games, producing both successful and unsuccessful efforts at creating their own niche in the gaming world.

ea sports

EA Sports was originally created as an attempt to make Electronic Arts’ already massive and lucrative market for its sports video games industry even larger and more lucrative. At the time, the idea seemed sound, as EA had just begun to develop the multiplayer mode of their popular Need for Speed series, and had also dabbled in other racing and simulation games, both of which are hot sellers in their own right. However, as its first attempts at expanding out into other genres of games failed, EA quickly began to distance itself from the highly competitive world of sport, focusing instead on making its own popular and successful title. Now, years later, the company is finally coming back with a second attempt at creating a sports video game that will allow the player to experience the joy of playing his or her favorite sport in the comfort of his or her own home. After several delays and changes in its main concept, EA Sports will once again try to capture the heart of the gaming community by releasing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, a new game that promises to be just as much fun and exciting as any of EA’s previous Need for Speed titles.

Hot Pursuit will introduce new and innovative features, which have not been seen in previous Need for Speed games, most notably the addition of a new vehicle – the Huracruz. The vehicle was first introduced in Need for Speed: Hunstville, and has since been featured in several Need for Speed games, including its sequel. The Huracruz can be customized according to individual players, giving gamers the ability to create their own racers and tracks for the game. This is definitely another step forward for EA sports, as it looks like they are finally getting their bearings and gaining a foothold in the competitive world of the sports titles.

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