EA Sports – A Niche Market Within the Gaming Industry

EA Sports is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, which develops and publishes video games based on various sports. Formerly a lucrative marketing gimmick of Electronic Arts, where they tried desperately to imitate live sports channels, EA has evolved into a more cerebral sport-themed organization. Their most recent release, FIFA 15, is an excellent game, that incorporates a great deal of analysis and researched data to ensure each match is fair.

ea sports

With the new focus on sports as a niche market, EA Sports has produced numerous different options for gamers to play their sport via the Internet. They have developed several tools that enable gamers to analyze the data around them, including statistics for players, teams, and the weather conditions and physical surroundings. EA Sports has invested a lot of money into its football league series, and now offers online support for various popular teams and leagues so that gamers can enjoy their game via the internet.

EA sports has recently released two additional football video games, Madden NFL and NCAA DivX. Both of these fantastic games are well worth playing. There are even hidden features within the game, giving users even greater chance to strategize and make the most of their skills. The enhanced stats and features ensure that there is always something for everyone in the EA sports line of football video games, regardless of their expertise.

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