The Centralised Monitoring System on Gambling Machines

Gaming machine guide is a document that deals with all aspects of the various gaming machines. This section of the guide describes the different classes of gaming machine and how many of these machines which can be legally permitted in every kind of gaming establishment as stipulated in the Gaming Act. Licensing authorities are required to state in this section the exact classifications of gaming machine that are allowed in a certain establishment as dictated by the Act and the word gaming machine has been retained in the Act to describe all machines on which persons may gamble subject to the exemptions under the Act… The Gaming Act makes it lawful for a person to operate at a place where there are gaming machines. To this effect, licensed persons are required to be appointed as controllers of the machines. The Act also specifies that no person shall operate or manipulate more than one gambling machine at the same time.

gaming machine

In addition to this, licensing authorities may also specify the type and number of gaming machines that are allowed to be operated in a certain establishment. For instance, a person may be allowed one machine per gaming venue. On the other hand, the total number of permitted machines may also be specified by the authorities. Regardless of the legalities governing gaming premises, the fact remains that gaming machine owners and operators must ensure that they do not operate more machines than allowed by law.

Licencing authorities have the authority to impose certain conditions upon the use of gaming machines. Conditions obliging gaming machines to be used only for designated games and for designated hours are some of the applicable conditions. In addition, the authorisation authorises the specified persons to use and operate the machines at specified places and hours. Persons who violate the stipulations may be penalised with a fine or with imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding five hundred Australian dollars or both. It is for the purposes of ensuring compliance with the law that centralised monitoring systems are used.

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