How Football Evolved Into a Profession


How Football Evolved Into a Profession

Medieval football originated in Britain sometime in the late medieval period. It was a rough and tumble game that was very similar to our modern day contact football. Since before ancient times vernacular football has been played in villages and towns as part of local traditions and without a lot of rules. It was an open arena for passions and aggression, which made it even more exciting and even dangerous. The game was even popularized when King Charles II started giving football competitions so people could show off their abilities.

In the early ages of European football, there was no regulation of the ball and the game was considered to be “street football”. The game was originally played by groups of men called “paupers” who were given the football and told to try to kick the ball into the opponents goal. If the group was able to do this, they would get a point and would also be able to buy drinks from the supporters. If a group of paupers were able to score more points than other teams, they would be the champions and would take over the region.

With the development of technology in the 19th Century came a change in the game that brought about the introduction of organized football. The rules of the game were changed to make it easier for a team to play, including more sophisticated rules for referees to protect the participants. The popularity of the sport vastly increased in the United Kingdom and in International soccer. The English national soccer team is the most famous and most popular soccer team in the world. A number of other international soccer teams also began to take part in the competitions and eventually football evolved as a professional sport.

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