World Of Sports In India

Sports journalism is a specialized form of reporting that usually reports on events pertaining to sports and sporting events. Sports journalism began in the late 1800s when it initially was aimed at the elite social circles and then progressed gradually to become part of the mainstream news industry with many newspapers have dedicated sports pages. Sports Journalism is concerned with sports’ events and sports events, but is also very much a part of culture, with people being interested in all aspects of sports from basketball players to sports reporting in major papers and magazines. Many sports writers are employed by various sports teams or clubs.

The Writers’ Cup – an annual competition for the best writer from each country participating in the tournament, which is hosted by the ESPN bureau. It is currently held every December and the winner gets an IFB award which can include a place on the podium as well as a prize. IFB stands for the International Sports Bureau. There are some famous recipients of this award including former President Bill Clinton, MLB legend Joe DiMaggio, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, golfer John Elway, basketball star Dennis Rodman and football player turned politician Jerry Rice.

The Eurostep – organized by European Press Agency for Journalists, which is the international sports reporting contest, gives the top prize to a reporter chosen by the jury. Past winners have included German Football Team coach Joachim Lutter, Portugal goalkeeper Carlos Costa, Spain football team coach Vicente del Bosco and former NBA star Dennis Rodman. The Japan Cricket Association has also won a number of awards. The IFB and Eurostep are managed by APEX, a non-profit organization devoted to providing professional sports journalists with high quality sports stories from around the world.

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