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Sports News is an independent U.S-based sports news website operated by DAZN Group, a privately held company based in Purchase, New York. It originally began as the weekly print magazine The Sporting News, publishing exclusively for the area of the United States. Later on, it acquired the popular and widely read newspaper, becoming the world’s dominant sports news website covering baseball, garnering the nickname, “the Bible of baseball.” It expanded its coverage to include international sports events and tournaments, including the World Series of Poker. Sports News has consistently ranked among the best sports websites online, providing a wealth of resources and features not available elsewhere.

sports news website

DAZN Group is led by co-founders John Di Lemme and John Hammer, having previously worked together at Time Magazine, Sporting Life, Sports Illustrated, and numerous other media outlets. Sports News is completely devoted to breaking news stories about sports, athletes, and sports leagues. In addition, the site features regular feature articles focusing on several popular topics of interest to sports fans and experts. This includes controversial game statements by players and coaches, controversial spring training games, controversial NBA and NFL draft predictions, European soccer league predictions, and popular events and tournaments. Additionally, the sports news website features player profiles and a Hall of Fame for inductees, regularly updated player statistics, historical rankings and awards, and other helpful information.

Sports News features a variety of diverse perspectives on major league baseball, NFL football, and all major sports, providing fans and enthusiasts with a variety of options for keeping up to date on the go. Sports News’ goal is to bring fans in touch with their favorite athletes, while providing them with all of the relevant information they need to make educated and intelligent decisions. Additionally, Sports News features regular feature articles focusing on everything from weather forecasts to restaurant reviews to classic car restoration. Sports News is a valuable resource for sports enthusiasts and sports journalists alike. With subscriptions starting at just $9.95 a month, Sports News is one of the most informative, popular, and entertaining sports websites on the web.

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