What is Basket Ball?

Basketball is basically a team sport where two competing teams, usually of five players each, against each other on a flat rectangular floor, battle it out for the primary goal of shooting the ball into the hoop of the other team for a point. It is a game that many adults love to watch and even play the game themselves, and children are starting to become interested as well. When you play basketball there are several things you need to know about playing the game so that you can be a success playing it yourself or in a team setting.


The first thing you should know about basketboll before you start playing is that it is played using a volleyball. Many people have played basketball before they learned of its unique characteristics, and in fact the game has been around for so long because it is so similar to the original game played by the Romans, so you have to realize that to understand what basketball really is, you have to look to the roots of the game. Back then, basketball was just known as “volleyball” and the game was not as competitive or even recognized as it is today. When the creator of basketball, Johnnie Vinson came up with the idea that basketball should be played using a ball made of wood, he inadvertently created a game that became recognized and competitive as the one we know today. Basketball is played in today’s day and age, in a variety of different tournaments and sports across the globe and is widely recognized as a sport that is played by both males and females.

There are three specific types of basketball that you will find in the world of basketball and they are: basketball, peja, and mabetex. Basketball is played with a standard ball and the play is usually initiated by either a basket or a player touching the head of the basket. In addition to the basket ball, basket and peja are also used in various types of tournaments and sports, such as, badminton, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, and the list goes on.

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